A question about glasses/lenses

I’m playing through the game, learning JS and having a lot of fun. Though I wandered, what do the glasses actually do? Becuase when you search for the nearest enemy, item etc, the hero always finds it.

Edit: BTW, I can’t play the subscriber levels

Okay, so the glasses increase the viewing range of your hero, and the better glasses can do things such as set the hero on a path to the object instead of just heading towards it.

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They also allow certain functions that cannot be obtained otherwise, such as the following:

hero.findFriends //returns an array of friendly entities
hero.findEnemies //returns an array of hostile entitites
hero.findEnemyMissiles //returns an array of hostile projectiles
hero.findByType //returns an array of entities that match a specified type.

as well as some other functions. These are just the ones I use more often.

Are these commands required for the regular game or just helpful?

Not in the earlier levels, but when you start learning arrays in Sarven Desert they become useful. You don’t have to buy these, just progress through the game.