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[Adventurer] Buddy's Name A


Forest pet level Buddy’s Name A is ready for testing.

It’s a practice level for the “Buddy’s Name” level. Sharpen your mastery with pet’s events.


Link is broken. Won’t load. I get “Error loading from server.”


OK, I figured it out. No ’ in the link name. I fixed your link for you.


Thanks. I took it from the spreadsheet. Looks like I forget about “’” when generate url.


Is there some additional task?


@Bryukh Gameplay seems ok.


Not sure. @Serg could you look, please?


added LUA support patch


my code win only on 3rd try, when I get “lucky” seed


Could you post your code?


Excuse me, I write in wrong topic.
I beat level only on 3rd time when I get LUCKY SEED


I need a subscription for this level?


It’s not in “adventure” mode so - yes.