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[Adventurer] Ice Life


The new experimental glacier level: Ice Life

This is an implementation of the famous game “Life”. Cut version (infinity field can make your laptop to fly).


beat only first challenge) have no idea how to make a strategy


Honestly, it’s not hard. Read about some life-long init seeds for “Life”. I got all extra goals just with 7 init peasants.


Hello. I’ve not good understand what I must do in this level


Do you know the game “Life”? You define the init positions of chips (peasants) and then watching for the developing of the colony. Your goal is find a init seed which can achieve population at least 120 peasants.


it’s not list of seeds, but here I can practice with different variants faster that edit 1,0,0,1,1,0 array


Only thing to note: to me the only obstacle to the second challenge is due to the boundaries completely blocking further growth, and I don’t feel like bruteforcing all the configurations.


Bruteforce is too strong word for the attempts in three-four Methuselahes.


Yes, but it still doesn’t change the fact that I’ll have to test both orientations and some initial placements so the boundary doesn’t screw me up, and its effects are very counter-intuitive (nobody really knows what’d at a static 0 boundary). Overall I just feel that it’s an arbitrarily fake difficulty that can totally be avoided.


How can it be avoided?


Making the map size a few tiles bigger should work decently. The tiny size of initial placement basically requires methuselahes as solutions anyways, so once players have put down a methuselah they shouldn’t need to also worry about that only a specific set of methuselahes and configurations of them can satisfy the bonus objective requirement.


In this case, I will have to increase limits for goals :wink:
Also, bigger field will require more resources from users’ browsers.
So your idea is just “Make limits less”.

Bonus goals are extra, if you think they are hard, then they are not necessary. Honestly, I spend 10 minutes to find at least three small different seeds which easily achieve 210 population :slight_smile: