[Adventurer] Jakku

You are a captain in the service in the First Order. Your orders are to destroy the village on Jakku. Make sure the Resistance scout does not escape.
The Shuttle

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I hope I can get to this soon. Looks like fun!

Thanks @MunkeyShynes!

Did you play it yet @MunkeyShynes?

I messed around with it a little just to develop a strategy. I know what I’m going to do but don’t have the time right now.

For me, the thing keeps lagging.

never mind, it’s fixed

Passed the level with Okar. No leaderboard? Has anyone else done this?

Passed it again, with Nalfar and a whole bunch of spells this time.

the only possible way to complete:


ditch your mates and be invisible.


Didn’t use invisibility. Anya. Seojin_Roy_Lee has found an easy solution, maybe even too easy…

That’s pretty much what I had to do with Nalfar. I didn’t use invisibility but had the soldiers form a protective perimeter around the archers while I lured the enemies to them and attacked. The archers took out about a third of them and I killed the rest. When I did it with Okar, well, he’s Okar. He just stomped the heck out of everyone. I don’t think he lost a single health point.

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I didn’t use invisibility. It was a glitch. I don’t know why I can’t see myself, and thus there isn’t a mark.