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[Adventurer] White Rabbit

Forest level White Rabbit is ready for testing.

It’s a level about item.pos and how to collect items.

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The same with this one, I didn’t encounter any problems when running the code. Nice level btw, I like the fireballs :smiley:

This one was fun. I still cannot figure out how to finish any faster with the Knight :frowning:

I submitted a patch for LUA / Coffeescript etc

I was thinking that the title below might flow better written as the following but I am undecided if it is better or not? Anyone else have any input?

You’d better follow the white rabbit. Oh, I wanted to say the lightstone.


You’d better follow the white rabbit. Err, lightstone that is.

100% fail rate with "ring of speed"
even if used code like this

while (true) {
    var item = hero.findNearest( hero.findItems() );
    if (item) {
        hero.move( item.pos );
        hero.moveXY( hero.pos.x, hero.pos.y );
        hero.wait ( 1 );

after rabbit jump second time
rabbit stand still
so hero pick up it

Which hero are you using? I tested the Ring of Speed with Softened Leather Boots with the default 4 Heros and the level seems to work alright.

I did use the jump boots to “catch the rabbit” and was able to still complete the level by manually walking…

I wonder if we could add a bonus to the level to “catch the rabbit” ?

hushbaum ring of speed + boots of leaping

You still able to complete the level by manually walking
But rabbit behavior is strange

Catching the white rabbit:


Ok. You are using high-tier hero with high-tier equipment for one of the newbie levels (it’s about how to collect items). In this case I suppose you can find the exit without “white rabbit” :wink:

I suppose you are tooo fast for that and as the result it “miss” control points. I’ll think how to fix it, but it’s minor priority.

hushbaum unlocked at first half of forest
But most players use warriors anyway
As far as i remember ring of speed was one of the first my items
Even newbie bots 2 m/s
But seems like minor case anyway

Problem is speed for sure
But funny thing is that the situation does not change
Even if i’m slow down hero by 50%
by “grow” spell

I thought ID unique for each attempt
But seems like it reflect last changes
If you check now you can see it clear

It cann’t help, because the speed of “rabbit” is set up in the first frame.

Thanks! It can really help, I’ll try to research and fix it on the next week.

Ok. It was simpler than I thought. I found a simple way to fix that issue. Could you check it again, please?

Work flawlessly
Thank you

Another high level issue. On one of the random seeds I had this issue when using hero.move(item.pos) instead of hero.moveXY(item.pos.x,item.pos.y) When I cut the corner I got killed, even though there is no trap around. When I switch to the other move style, I finish it just fine.

Session ID:
Generated random seed 8383248667 of type submissionCount from sessionIDs 580858cdff738136008b28c9 submissionCount 5

Hm. I can’t reproduce it even with your sessionID. I tried to use Okar and the same code and the same seed - nothing. Could you check it again please? Maybe it was a bug with some components.

Weird, I tested it multiple times. Not a huge deal though, cause it is
only that one seed that is broken.

But now I tested it again and it works fine.

Is it broken for you now? If it’s so, please, don’t change anything some time - I’ll try to see it under your account. Could you say which username to look? (I see two potential)

Hm. Honestly, I’m not sure that it could be. Let’s suppose it was some sun fluctuations on the sun :slight_smile: Please, write me if you see it again.

look like this level is not [Adventurer] anymore

Of course. It was in adventure mode long time enough.