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Bad Timing Bug?


I think I just found an incredibly unlikely bug. These 2 screenshots are a split second apart. Notice the blade that is about to hit me in the first shot. In the second shot the blade has found its mark and my code suddenly gets this error.

The code has been working just fine with getting nearby blades. I’m thinking that possibly the blade disappeared between the moment I found the array of all blades and the moment that I checked its distance from me. Is this possible? There are a lot of blades on the screen, so it would take a bit to loop through all of them.

I just tested it some more and seem to have the same issue even with little tweaks, so I don’t think it is really this issue, but something weird is happening that I can’t figure out.

Here is my console session information:
|Hyperion’s Lana| Generated random seed -2593717134 of type submissionCount from sessionIDs 54bfc3faf79f9752056f6889 submissionCount 12