Bedrock VS Java



Bedrock just Bedrock that is it.

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Correct! 1 point to you :joy: (No sarcasm intented)

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java, HYPIXEL, being able to switch versions, u can get for free if u have a client and a minecraft account as u can justr download lunar client or badlion client for free and you can play minecraft (WITH alot of nice life changing mods) (ex: fullbright, sword block textures if ur playing on 1.8.9 or lower and smoother optifine as well as fps boost :))

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I’m in awe of Java because of Hypixel. They have a great report system too, which most Bedrock servers don’t have

I like java because my keyboard is also very satisfying to type on…

??? You can play bedrock on PC too

ik but on java u can switch versions (1.8.9, 1.12, etc)

I’m sure that Lunar client works with Bedrock too

no u cant its only java.

and u dont have to use lunar client u can just use the normal launcher