Best book (wizard)

Is the best book elemental codex (man, I like the 3, 4, 5), the unholy tome (for raising dead and everything) or book of life (regen…?) I like the elemental codex because of shockwave (boom!). Like, I have a friend who plays codecombat. In mountain.

Honestly not to offend but, one it sounds like you got bored and made a random topic (PM’s are for that)

I’d say Unholy tome V very useful in brawls

hmm… raising dead. summoning undead. blah blah blah. suddenly I pop out of nowhere and shockwave everyone. hmmmm…

A topic abou something like that:

I personally think that all 5 books are cool and useful.


no, I mean elemental, life, or tome. (almost wrote “toe”)

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They all are useful in different situatuions. If you have gems only for one, I think, unholy tomb is the best choice.

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why though? electrocute is awesome!

Yeah it is cheap and useful

What about everything else

So what are you asking about? About a book or a ring?

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the Book @PeterPalov

So why electrocute? There is a book with electrocute?

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Hey, I have an idea. let’s make this more organized by just doing…

Best spellbook
  • Elemental Codex (5)
  • Unholy Tome (5)
  • Book of Life (5)

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and sorry, meant shockwave.

Each book is good depending on the situation.

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Unholy tome is good with skellies and raise dead, elemntal is good with shockwave and swap, and I don’t really use book of life.

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Yes, you are absolutely right. :+1:


honestly, elemental could just shockwave those dead guys. and swapping will prevent enemy from attacking you (you can swap with decoys)

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personally, I like to make decoys, only attack is shockwave, and swap with decoy when necessary.