Best things to buy for Newbie

What is the best sword under 2000 gems?
Best shield under 2000?
Is the worn set the best for armor?
Basically I need to know what I should get

Are you using a free account or a paid (with bonus gems)? Basically spending for the best item gives maximum value for money (since old items cannot be re-sold as of yet in the game). So if you purchase better item, then the old one is of no use.

You can pretty much just safe up for the items you need, and then save up for the best possible items.
Like Arunabha_Sarkar said, you can’t sell your items, so buying the best items outright is probably the best unless you really need an item to continue.

As most levels are easily achieved by just writing good code, and you get quite some gems for completing them (even more if you reach bonus objectives and do the challenge levels), t’s not that hard to afford good items.

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Also, the best shield pack quite a punch… good buy. the others… boots and helmet, etc are more expensive. Also, as per creators of game, the levels can be completed on a free account too… so, it should be possible to pile up money and spend them only on the best of best items. Before buying, be sure to check when (which level) the best items are unlocked

I see that 2000 gems are a little low, so the cost-efficiency (ce) of the armor has to be considered.
Cost efficiency = Cost / health bonus (coins/life)
Here are two shield examples:

1.Obsidian Shield (ce 3.47)
2. Engraved Obsidian Shield (ce 3.89)
The lower the ce, the better. Work out the ce of other shields and swords, and you’ll find the best one.

I’ve somewhat managed to get the deflector and the enameled dragonplate before I finished forest when I was a non-subscriber.

The best things for newbie is to stick with warrior until you get to desert

That basically means to subscribe when you get to desert.

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get kithsteel blade, steel strikr, and obsidian armor.

what should i buy with 2615 gems?

what’s your armour?(20)

worn chestplate dragon and enemaled dragon plate helm deflector runesword andthe dash boots