Borrowed Sword - A Suggestion

The Borrowed Sword level is supposed to be played by having the archers focus on the weakest enemy. The code even has commented in that the hero doesn’t fight. If a long-range hero is equipped, though, the hero can easily fight, and in fact, I beat the level in three short lines of code. I’d like to recommend restricting the main weapon (like in the levels where the hero needs the hammer). This doesn’t stop the ranger from throwing, but that’s a much harder game, as it usually causes collateral damage to the archers (in my personal testing :slightly_smiling_face:).


Thanks for the suggestion.

We’re always discussing what to do about these levels that are trying to teach a specific concept. We want people to learn what we’re trying to teach, but we also want to give you the freedom to play with different strategies (including alternate heroes). Some levels are easier if you switch to a ranger or wizard, some, like much of the dungeon, are harder (unless you have good gear).