Bosses in Codecombat?

Should you add bosses in codecombat? Like add a boss for every world. Like for example you have a Minotaur for kithguard dungeon and overpowered ogre for backwoods forest, a yak rider like a ogre chieftain on a yak, a huge oversized yeti in the glacier world then maybe a brawler with mittens in the snow town island for Christmas and if the volcano island has like an ogre warlock who can summon fire balls and cast the chain lightning at the hero? plz reply.


in some of the later levels there are “boss like” characters that you go head to head with. But nothing like the traditional “defeat the boss to advance to the next level”.

Thoktar < sp? > is one that appears in the Desert.

Nalfar shows up as a villain in the Glacier campaign world.


[Question]: If we take Kithgard Dungeon in consideration, what did you have in mind as far as the challenge for the final boss? What would you like to see, did you want to have your coding skills challenged as well?

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maybe that you might have too outwit the boss in kithguard dungeon like make him walk into whole bunch of firetraps that he might step on because most players don’t emerge from the dungeon with that good gear.

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ok, I do know that Thoktar is there in the desert but you don’t 1v1 him. Forgive me if I’m wrong because I didn’t get very far in the Desert.