Bug in Ace of Coders

I “buildXY” an artillery and when opponent’s artillery attacks nearest enemy, the artillery does the same, even though I don’t even have nearest enemy for artillery in my code. I am 100% sure it’s not a problem in my code.

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Watch this match. Is the yak attacking me because I attack him?

Hmm…Could an archer or arrow tower have hit the yak? It would be the most likely thing to have happened.

As for this, could you make it clearer which artillery this:


If My opponent’s artillery attacks nearest enemy and I built my artillery using buildXY, my artillery starts attacking nearest enemy too, even though I have no code for that.

From what I remember, don’t they automatically attack the nearest enemy if they don’t have anything else to do?

Uh, I don’t know? Anyway my artillery is supposed to attack the opponent’s artillery so my artillery has a thing to do.

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