Bug with Achievements and Gems

I’m no longer resetting purchases en masse (didn’t work out too well when I tried it), but rather now doing it on an individual basis with another script that does work. I can reset your gems, Maksym–just private-message me your username or email that is affected.

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Please, Nick do it for me too.
I really, adult, seriously, began to study python and Django, and very, very not like to be deprived of the opportunity to pass new levels because of the lack of opportunities to buy items needed for the job. I am sending you private messages your e-mail and I will be extremely grateful to you for addressing this issue. And I will recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances, colleagues, daughter and wife, as well as at the time of the salary happy to purchase a subscription and make a nice donation and this is not a bit of flattery, because I truly believe that this project is a chic way to learn the language skills to get a specific theme of communication in the field of subjects and disciplines. Keep it up - you are wonderful, and it is my sincere opinion. Well, about the bug, I repeat, I will be very grateful to you for the restoration of the positive balance of the game crystals)

Get rekt freaking hackers finally I get out that hole)