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Can equip any pet without subscribing bug

i will try to be as descriptive as possible.
i found a bug in the game, that can let you equip any pet without subscribing, can let you equip any locked item without buying it, and can let you use restricted items in any level.

i found another bug that can let you buy any item even if you didn’t reach its level requirement, i got the winged boots by this bug, and i think that all the level 66 items are just testing items, because the winged boots can’t jump.

so, can anyone mention any admin so that i can tell him how exactly i can trigger this bug, and help him solving it.

@nick can i show you how to trigger the bug, because i don’t want to post it in her to prevent people from using it

Please be patient. It’s Christmas day in the U.S. and you may not even receive a response today. I see you’ve already posted this on github so someone will get to it as soon as possible. Thanks.

@Bryukh @maka

Hi there –

Most of us are off for the week, but I’m still keeping an eye on everything in case there’s a big problem.

@kyay10 - you can either email the instructions to or send me a direct message here with the details. The more information you can give us, the easier it will be for us to correct the issue.



i know, i am living in the U.S.

ok, i will send an email with instructions on how exactly to use the bug

i sent you a message

I’ve done that too. It is so weird, but when I tried it again i failed.

how did you exactly do it, because you can’t do it accidentally, because it needs a alot of steps

I wanted to buy it, so I clicked it, then it equipped, and then I realized I didn’t want to equip it, and then I clicked unequip and then I checked the inventory but it wasn’t there.

i think this was just a glitch, because the bug that i found needs to play a little bit with the code of the website

Yeah, I’ve seen(and exploited) the pet bug, but I’ve never heard of the bug for buying items that are above your level. Also, the bug for using pets doesn’t require changing the website’s code.

The same thing happened when I used Ritic to play one of his required levels, but he was not in my heroes list.

so, any news about the bug

None yet. We haven’t had a meeting yet since it was reported.

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Pets are still equipable without being a subscriber. (Not sure about the other stuff)

and also, without changing anything to the code of the website.

@stephanie do you mind reporting this to the team?

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