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Can't load "Teleport lasso" level in Forest


I cant load this lvl. Loading just stay at 10 or 15% :frowning: I want clear forest stage, but i cant :frowning:

UPD : dev console error:

component loaded false LevelComponent_changing: false_events: Object_listenId: "l2311"pending: false_previousAttributes: Objectattributes: Objectchanged: Objectcid: "c2309"id: "558af394d962fe1d0b155d52"jqxhr: nullloaded: trueloading: falsesaveBackup: ()saveBackups: falseurl: ()usesVersions: true__proto_: CocoModel


This level is working for me. Maybe try clearing your browser’s cache or try playing this level in a different browser?


Tried with different browser and didn’t get this error. Please try to clear cache. If it won’t help, then please say which browser and version you are using.