Can't log in when you log out

Why did the computer not let me log in once I log out?
This is very frustrating

I can’t really relate?

What is happening if you try to log in once you logged out? Can you provide screenshots of the screens where the error happens?

As usual. no details. no screenshots. You are making this a habit and its becoming quite annoying.

Strange ! Never happened to me. Could you be more specific ?

No screenshots because I cannot do it when I was a new user. I didn’t realize that I could until you mentioned it :smile:.

Oh. Now, it lets me log in when I log out. Because I am playing on Chrome

delete cookies and history. Then try relogging in.

Can you please mention how exactly to delete cookies and history? Thanks!

Go to history, then clear browsing data, then advanced–> all time (for chrome). You can look it up for other browsers.

turns out, my mom just changed my email and password! :joy: