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Clash of Clones - Is it possible to win?

Used simply Nalfar and his abilities, the best equipment, vine staff and did raise dead spawn and so on.

How can i make an array of the enemy archers?

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use hero.findByType(“archer”,hero.findEnemies())

I’ve tried to find the solutions by a lot of different ways . But it’s so simple) you don’t need to change your armor . Move behind enemy archers, find Nearest Enemy, use if ready condition for cleave and bash, and of course Attack. that’s all, good luck

If you move behind, the archers will immediately start attacking you. Then you’ll lose health very quickly.

No. all you have to do is do hero.cast(“chain-lightning”, hero.findNearest(hero.findByType(“archers”))) and it would knock out all of the archers (since chain lightning bounces)

The damage reduces for each target it hits. So then, if you do chain lightning to an ogre (M), it will destroy it, but if you do it to a bunch of (a.k.a 200) brawlers, ogres (F), and headhunters, it won’t destroy them all. This is also one problem I’m facing in sarven treasure.

Archers only have 30 health tho

It was really hard to beat this level before subscribing. 30 health is small, but it might survive.

For me it was easy peasy…

Literally. What I did was I disarmed my self (yeah got a trashy sword) and then I chain-lightning’d the archers and let my archers kill their troops and use my archers and the remaining soldiers to win.

Yeah if only I had boss star at the time.

If I had boss star I wouldn’t even have to attack the enemy (just chain-lightning enemy archers and disarm my self so the enemy hero can’t hurt my troops) I would just focus the archers’ fire and let the soldiers defend the archers with me in the center circle. Each archer has 26 DPS, so 6 archers would equal to 156 DPS. Kind of what happens in librarian tactician.

btw cast invisibility on yourself then go behind enemy lines and cast chain-lightning so u take minimum damage.

They also have more archers, soldiers, and random minions they will send.

They have more soldiers and archers? Nope (check the level editor) but yea extra minions

but that doesn’t matter once u knocked out the archers

Hi again,

There are lots of ways to beat this level, and we’ve done so with the highest damage weapons in the game.

It just takes some careful planning!


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It’s really fun, I think it’s a very good way to set up the mountain: It makes you think about tactics and more advanced strategies. :grin:

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You can’t unequip the primary weapon.

P.S. I need a lot of help. Been stuck for 4 months!

It’s really easy. Just cast invis then go behind the enemy lines, kill the enemy archers, then shield while your archers do your dirty work

Clash of Clones requires you to think like a gamer.

The enemy hero has the same stats as you – same damage and armor – but the enemy hero does not use any fancy abilities – they won’t cleave or use chain lightning,

So you need to be clever and use your abilities to win.

Also be clever in who you target? Who does the most damage to your units? Take them out first.


i did it. It was super hard and i messed up a lot but then i used a weaker sword that could attack faster and i won.

Я прошел, это было сложно)

Оказывается нельзя выкладывать решения.
Мне помогло сначала найти лучников и убивать их, попутно убивая врагов ближе 5 метров.
Еще как только появлялся шаман на карте его надо обязательно убить прерывая другие циклы.
Если у героя остается мало жизни то надо обращаться в бегство)

Mod edit: Please do not post final solutions. Thanks.

Hi. Thanks for sharing your code but I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to get rid of it. The point of this forum is to help people and, although this level has no right answer, if there is a solution available people will most likely use it. I think you learn a lot more when you work it out yourself.
Thank you for your understanding, and congratulations on beating the level, it’s difficult.