Clash of Clones - Is it possible to win?


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There is a vulnerability with the code of the opposing clone: yes, while he has the same health and damage and attack speed as you, the enemy code does not run codes mention power-ups. Therefore you can use:
this.bash(enemy); this.power-up(); this.cleave(); this.cast("chain-lighting, enemy);"
etc,etc,etc. And while the opposing clone wouldn’t be able to use these, therefore giving you a slight edge on power!


This is my strategy, I will not spew out all the code.

I find my nearest enemy, then if there is an enemy that is not a sand yak, I attack it. Once my health is lower than 50, I shield once and go someplace away from the battle, then my archers will destroy the rest of the clones.


Once again I have to say, USE YOUR ABILITIES ONLY! Just use secondary attacks like cleave.


One little tip I can give is to use findByType("archer", enemies);. This would allow you to first attack the archers. When you killed them, you can focus on the rest of the enemies.


It’s pretty easy if you have emperor’s gloves, or any shield that does a lot of bash damage.


Problem is that i have to have a sword



Make sure it is exacty in that place.


@Nolan_Le Do you know how to de equip it? If you don’t, this is how: Double click the long sword. If you can’t play the level after that then tell me.


What are the boots? (Just curious.)


Softened leather boots.


Hi there!

Some hints for Clash of Clones.

This level is more about being clever in your strategy in the game than in your programming (though that’s still important!).

The enemy has the same gear (weapons, armor, etc) but won’t use any special abilities.

So, they won’t cleave, they won’t use chain lightning gloves, etc.

Use this to your advantage. How does the enemy defeat you? Can you stop that from happening? How?

Use flags to control your position on the battlefield.

Remember, while we’re teaching you to code, you’re still playing a game. Out think the AI!




No one posts finished/working code here. We just post our bugged/not working code and then people offer suggestive hints to repair it in order to make the person think and learn. If we all posted our working/completed code, then no one would be forced to use their brain and learn anything. It is not helpful to just give people the answers. Please delete your post.


actually its so little that its almost brainless in resume its attack the weak and avoid the strong, I believe that this piece of code in his simplicity could actually motivate people to try it and create modifications to improve it, make it more complex and tactical, create their own variation and learn from different perspectives.


why doesn’t it work???


Remember, the clone has your same weapons and equipment, and will do the same damage as you – but the clone will not use any special abilities or clever targeting.

Cleave is my go to for clearing large amounts of enemies at once. I also like the Chain Lightning gloves!



thx i think i need to purchase chain lightning glove
looks like i have 3000 gems


Enemy can’t use the secondary weapons.