Clash of Clones - Is it possible to win?


The game requires you to have a sword now. Is there a way around this?


Just use a simple sword. Y’know, the first sword u ever got, the one in the kithgard dungeon? XD


I beat this with Okar, best armor, best equipment. I just kept on using stomp, etc, I also used Ritic with gift of the trees, which is op, because scattershot deals almost 300 damage a hit at close range, and I used Nalfar and Pender with the vine staff and book of undead V, and kept on summoning burls and skeletons, and also used boom ball.


Used simply Nalfar and his abilities, the best equipment, vine staff and did raise dead spawn and so on.


How can i make an array of the enemy archers?


use hero.findByType(“archer”,hero.findEnemies())