Clojure: "cond" not implemented?

I’m on the “Molotov Medic” level and I’m getting this error:

Missing `this.` keyword; should be `this.cond`.
There is no function `cond`, but `this` has a method `cond`.

For the following code on line 7:

 (defn maxHealth? [friend]
  (= (.maxHealth friend)
      (.health friend)))

(defn getFriendWithLeastHealth []
  (let [friends (filter #(not (maxHealth? %1)) (.getFriends this))]
      (= 1 (count friends)) (first friends)
      (< 1 (count friends)) (reduce #(if (<= (.health %1) (.health %2)) %1 %2) friends))))

(defn heal [friend]
  (.attack this friend)
  (.say (str "Healing " friend)))

(defn attackNearestEnemy []
  (let [enemy (.getNearestEnemy this)]
    (if (some? enemy)
      (do (.attack this enemy)
          (.say this (str "Attacking " enemy))))))

(let [friend (getFriendWithLeastHealth)]
  (if (and (some? friend) (maxHealth? friend))
    (heal friend)

Is “cond” not implemented? This is my first time using Clojure, so it could very well be my code.

Hmm, not sure–the Closer.js parser that Vicky Chijwani built for CodeCombat doesn’t say one way or the other if it’s in there:

Would you mind opening an issue over there so he’ll see this? I don’t think he reads this forum yet.