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[Close] Sneak peek for Ursara?


I went to cavern survival and saw that there is a hero that is not yet introduced in the game, in the top right corner in the ladder page. And I also saw the same hero in git hub. Is this Ursara?
Image for Ursara:

New hero? Please?

She holds a staff so that means she is a wizard.


I’m not sure but I think she is Arryn Stonewall.


Arryn Stone wall hold a similar weapon. But I could be wrong.


First Arryn does not hold a staff and the color for her armor and the design is different.
Image for Arryn:
Image for Ursara:


When you use her in the game she hold something like a staff.


When you use any hero in the game they look a little bit different.


Arryn holds something like this:


Ok. I’m wrong.
20 characters


I think Ursara might be coming out


nevermind. that is probably an ally, but you could be right, Chaboi_3000


Arryn uses a spear, primarily.

That is, indeed, Usara. When Omarn introduced her to me, he called her a “Master Wizard” – not sure what that means, but Omarn isn’t really the joking type, so …

She let us take one good picture of her at our office party:



In the picture Ursara look really power full. I’m so saving up all my gems to buy her when the developer release her.


I think we can give a small spoiler. Her abilities will be powerful (she is same as Ritic for rangers), however usage of her abilities will be complicated and require some advanced programming.


Sound pretty powerful to me.



If the devs have started planning her abilities, does this mean the volcano world might come out soon?


Glacier world is still empty enough and not many players there.


So are you waiting for more players to reach to Glacier before release the Volcano world?


I guess that just means time to get to the Glacier levels!!!

(Currently in the middle of the Mountain…)


I currently have only 5 levels left to do.