[Close] Sneak peek for Ursara?


I still have couple more levels in the Glacier so that mean I get more time to finish it before they release the volcano world and when they release it I can just go straight to the volcano world.



Are you holding back on the volcano world until more players can reach the glacier?


Yes @Endercore79_is_back we need more players to reach the glacier.


interesting, because I know 18 people who are in the glacier world.


Now I know 19, I just beat summits gate. DAB!!! With help. from github, but I was a pro flag placer.


You don’t need github
Summit’s gate is child’s play compared to Kelvintaph Defiler
I searched it up on google before I posted this post, so I’m sure there’s no code public on github for passing the level.


#DabPolice :policeman:


Beat Kelvintaph defiler, but it wasn’t that hard, Summit’s gate was harder, you need okar


No you don’t. (20 characters)


how has this turned from a sneak peak at usara to a discussion about summits gate vs kelvintaph defiler?


I dunno, but I guess this topic is solved.


Although you do need a high health hero.


I kind of hacked into the mountain because I couldn’t defeat the level “Clash of Clones”. I also hacked in to most of the other levels for adventurers


I also hacked in to most of the other levels for adventurers

Is accessing levels we open to the public really hacking? :slight_smile:


Not really, you just do codecombat.com/play/level/ace-of-coders, and you can play it even if you haven’t started the game. Lol, you will fail though, because you can’t build or summon anything. HAHAHA


I’ve tried it, and since Ace Of Coders is a mirror match, you can play and build and summon stuff.


Wait, oops, nevermind


Hi @maka, I currently have a lot of gems, and was wondering whether you could give me any kind of time frame for the release of Ursara so that I would know whether it’s worth it to keep on saving them, or spend the on somthing else.

Thanks in advance,

Brenin Llwyd.

Apologies for the slight necropost, I didn’t think the question was worth creating a whole new thread.


Ursara is probably far away from getting released because she has no in game character sprite no moveset or any thang. If you don’t want to wait, then Illa is the only one that I know of that is going get released soon. It’s your choice if you want to wait a while for Ursara or just get Illa soon.


currently i have 36892 gems. Is this enough for ursa?