[Close] Sneak peek for Ursara?


I can’t see that character in the thang editor. Probably is.


what do you mean by that?


We don’t know but yeah you prob have enough for Ursara since Ritic is 29,000, Illa is 16,000 and Zana is 25,000.


Thank you! I am relieved because i love the wizard class


Thanks for the quick reply, think I’ll carry on saving .


I have completed the Glacier world already.
Anybody else?


Finished all levels(Including the Web Dev, Game Dev and Subscriber levels)


Finished all non-sub levels


@Chaboi_3000 is partially right – Usara is probably not going to be out until at least the fall.

I do actually have her art, it’s just not imported into the game yet.



I remember this, master-wizard-pose the ultimate master wizard.


i am also in glacier


@Benjamin_van_den_Bra Have you beaten Kelvintaph Defiler,Crusader and Burgeler? I beat all of them (With the bonus). If you haven’t try to beat Kelvintaph Crusader first then Burgeler then Defiler. (Crusader is the easiest)
MAJOR HINT::: Try to kill the witch first. It helps :wink:


Defiler is really hard, but it gives you an award which makes you pretty OP.


Same Here!
(20 Chars)


And, That is SOOO true!


I agree, unless you help Codecombat with the development of characters.


Where do you guys think the entrance to the volcano would be? I beat all the free levels and I see no possible entrance point. They could put the Grindmaster level there, though. Very hard with not enough rewards…


Can you put a link here? If it is anything like Summits Gate, it will be hard unless they add more Glacial Levels. Also, I think it must be like the 67 level one.


maybe there is no entrance? As it is a volcano, and it would not make sense to be right next to a glacier.


True Dat. (20 Character)