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CoCo Level Contest!

What is it?

Artisans, it’s time to show off your awesome skills by participating in this contest! Who will be the ultimate winner of this contest! Anyone may join!



1st place: Gets the Ambidextrous Artisan title, and the Winner of 2019 Level Contest badge.
Runner up: Gets the Efficient Level Creator title.


You’ll have until January 2020 to finish it! (Dates may change)


Here’s how I will determine the winner:

  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Documentation Quality
  • Sample Code Quality
  • How well decorated the level is
  • Quality of Game Mechanics
  • Concepts covered
  • Non forked levels will also give you an advantage.

Here’s a good example level I made:

What to include in your post


# Level Name
Anything else that you want me to know

Note: All posts that are not submissions will be deleted and you will receive a warning

Good luck!


Defend the temple.

I might skip out the screenshot bit if you don’t mind. (taking them on my PC is a nightmare)
When you click on the level link below, Make Sure you go to the game menu and change your hero and item. This is important because you automatically load with the gear you had in the last level, some of which may be restricted.
For beginning players I would recommend the Engraved Obsidian armour, or something around that level. (all better armour is restricted)
For more experienced players (or after you’ve done it with better armour) I would try the painted steel armour, or something lower. (I’ve done it with the painted steel armour)

If you complete the level with lower than the painted steel armour (and you’re not using any restricted items) please message me with a screenshot, I’d love to see how you did it.

:lion: :lion: :lion:


Nice level. I have some feedbacks for you though.
First, this level really looks similar to backwoods standoff, which is ok, but maybe change it so it has a big twist?
Second of all, you might want a broad variety of spawnables. Not just munchkins. This makes it more challenging IMO.
Last but not least, I want something to happen to the entrance when you lose, or win. Such as open when you win, and break when you lose. You can see the animations here:


I have some questions:

  1. How do you add different spawn types? I can’t seem to change the requiredThangs thing. Can you just instabuild() something anyway?
  2. How do you access the animation of the Temple entrance?

Thanks for your feedback
:lion: :lion: :lion:


You need to assign a new spawnable in builds() and spawns components of the referee.

There should be a dropdown menu(Below the entrance image) in the thang editor. You can see different actions by choosing a different one.

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I’ve tried to do that a lot of times, but it’s never editable. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful it’s just I don’t see how it works:
There doesn’t seem to be a place for me to enter a thangType. (I’ve done the spawns bit)
:lion: :lion: :lion:

Press Enter to edit it.
Also, I’ll make a custom documentation and add more “unique” game mechanics. If I were you, I’ll make a new level from scratch instead of forking a level(It makes it look too similar to the forked level. Eg. Your level was forked from Backwoods standoff, making it look similar to it.) But that’s just my opinion.

uhm sorry i know this is probably not related but how do you get to the level creator i found it once and cant find it again