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Codecombat Discourse Theme Contest!


What is it?

This an opportunity to show skills learned with codecombat HTML web design. In this contest, we will be using to create your own theme in this forum


Please put applications at the bottom. Use the following format:

Theme name:Name
[If possible, the GitHub link to repository]
[Theme creator preview]

  • You may not steal someone’s work.
  • The winner will be determined by creativity, interface, features.
  • This should not be user hostile.
  • Please do not spam in this thread.
  • All applications are due June 14, 2019. (Dates may change)
  • Theme creator link:

Note that you will have to create a account and then log in to theme creator.


Winner: Will get the title Theme contest winner. If the theme is suitable for our forum, we might consider using it.

Ready to join?

Remember to read the rules before applying.


Creative examples created in the past:


Hi @Chaboi_3000 can I ask if we can participate even if we do not do HTML5 on other bases, and not coco?
Can I also ask if there are other languages avaliable?


What do you mean by getting a Theme contest winner title? Where. On the forum?



From what I know, you can use JS, HTML5 and CSS. If you need a heads up on how to do this, read this guide. You won’t use Coco’s HTMl because the concepts are different from theme creator. Please create your projects here:

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Here’s one of my own creations:


Another one of mine: