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CodeCombat Gif Reactions Thread


Did this on a few forums, seemed pretty interesting.

Post gifs that relate to the game in a certain scenario.

No NSFW content, please!

I’ll go first:

When you beat Kelvintaph Defiler:
whoo hoo


When I got both the bonuses in Vital Powers:


How I imagined everyone in Discourse would react when I posted this thread:


That didn’t happen. :disappointed:


I feel you.

That’s all I can say.

Please keep this thread going!


When you see someone who hasn’t formatted their code properly:

@MunkeyShynes you seem to have had to tell people to format their code way too many times. :smile:


I go like this:
Image result for facepalm gif


I got both bonuses in vital powers without losing any health.


This is how I feel when people don’t format their code properly:


When you beat Glacier and move onto volcano.


Well, lets wait for volcano!


but then you remember volcano’s not out yet


You mean remembered.


When you get into the glacier and realize that the levels are way harder than the mountain levels:


Good luck(20 characters)


Thqnks! I’m already stumpd un precision kicking. :roll_eyes:


Me all the time at Backwoods 24/7


That’s me When i finally beat hit and freeze


When you cant beat a level for 3 years


And figure out that discourse exists


Hah LOL, that’s so true.

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