CodeGuy's Guilded Server "I can do anything"

Hello! You might know me. I’m @CodeGuy. I have a server on Guilded that is based of a character from a game called “Deltarune.” You might know that as well, but this server is based off of Jevil, a clown like jester-devil. “Jevil.” Why I’m posting this is because I would like my server to be a nice and great community! I’m very eager to get more members on this server! Guilded is like Discord, but I can’t access Discord, so instead I use Guilded! I’m inviting those who would like to join my server. Currently friends are on this server as members, but no one I haven’t befriended yet. Inviting you people would make me have joy! I’d like having a nice community because it makes me feel better about myself. This community is safe and clean. You don’t need to join, but I’d be happy if you did. I’m sorry if this is Hope you enjoy my server!
Invite link: Guilded - Chat for Gaming Communities

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idk if this counts as advertising :woman_shrugging:

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That’s the thing, I was just trying to invite people to make a community. Not an ad

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Since it’s not an ad, would anyone like to join? You don’t need to, just asking. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this something like Discord? It looks exact same and the features are the same too. But just the appearance is different.

Slightly off-topic, but

Like Clownpierce from the Minecraft Lifesteal SMP…
(8) ClownPierce - YouTube

That does look like Jevil, but this character is from Deltarune, a video game. Not exactly what you showed, but that does interestingly look similar, although, not the same.

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This is like Discord, but there are different features here. It does look like it, but there are things that aren’t there on Discord. Thank you everyone who has joined the server so far! I’m grateful people are joining the community! Thank you!! :hugs:

oh god Clownpierce is so over the top with things…