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CodeQuest! For everyone who is going to enter!

Thanks! 2000000000000000


Anyone in yet?..

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I still haven’t got this button.

Sorry, I found it. 200000000000000000000

You can register at any time during the tournament; it wasn’t limited to before the tournament began. The $5 option is for eligibility for prizes, so we can afford to check your age if you win. We haven’t hooked up a payment method for that, but we will later.

The tournament arena is open here: – see you on the ladders!


I put my grade section in but it still comes out as invalid

How do i join?! ive tried it doesn’t work :woozy_face:

Give this a try…as Nick mentioned, details can be worked later.

Ok, well this has been interesting. I have a few things to say/ask:

  • Do theives work for anyone? For me they come out as peasants. (screenshot A)
  • Also the ladder doesn’t seem to work all that well. When I look at the matches I’ve played it says I’ve lost games which I’ve actually won.
  • How’s everyone else getting on with summoning depending on what they’ve summoned?

Screenshot A:


The loss thing happend to me too. Try to reload the page to see their actual troops, not the starter archer information. Or if it is not that it means that that person have submited a new code before you watched the match. And the thieves work for me, check the spelling. (When there is a gramatical error or a troop that is not of one of the types that the game gives you, you will get peasants instead of that troop.)


Thank you very much :smile:. I feel like a bit of a fool about the spelling…

Thank you, this also works for me.

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No problem! Anytime! :smile:


Hi, there :wave:t5:

The drop-down form should work now!


So, I signed up for CodeQuest a week ago, and CodeQuest said they were going to send me a email about CodeQuest when CodeQuest is available to start coding(that was yesteraday), but there is nothing in my email about CodeQuest, can someone help me?

Nvm, i re-registered myself, and now I’m able to play.

hi and welcome back! :partying_face:

Welcome back to the forum @Gypsyfly I tried it again but it didn’t solve the problem, I signed up for CodeQuest a day before it started but I didn’t got any emails for the game link, I had to use the link that Nick provided me to enter the competition.

Sounds awesome @nick! :tada: Unfortunately I can’t participate myself, but I have to say it’s an awesome opportunity to win those great prizes as well as earn recognition. :eyes: Best of luck to everyone that’s participating!


What if all prizewinners didn’t pay $5?

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