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CPU performance


my CPU is always over 80% while playing . although my machine is i5 CPU . is there some thing i need to configure . i use firefox


Do you see the same thing in Chrome? How much RAM do you have?


This game constantly crashes in firefox.
I have 12 gb of ram


All levels, or only specific levels?


this is for all the levels , and i have 5G RAM , also i use firefox that crashes a lot of time .
i tried on another machine with firefox with the same issue


i use chrome on win7 X64 & 4 G RAM and the average for the CPU during the game is 50% . i see this is high for a web application . so please check the code for performance tuning … this is for all levels


@nick so any advise for this issue . it’s a killer issue for me


I restart the browser after a few levels/tries. Then it runs OK again for some time…


@ant Actually it restarts all the time with no effect . it’s always the same


Have you considered using Chrome (or Chromium or Opera)? For some reason Firefox’s performance isn’t that great.

(Tried running Summit’s Gate in a VM, about 4GB RAM, works okay in Chromium. CPU usage for me is ~50%. Though I didn’t run much of anything else in the background.)