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Drawings! (Any Drawings Allowed)

this is my drawing


i also uplouded it on the internet this is an old drawing

I am going to start drawing a new one it will take a while though.

ok I just finished the final drawing I think its my favorite one to!
Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 11.27.30 AM
(for a hint if you use a graphix pen it looks so good by the way)


WOWW! This is so good, I love the composition of the planets around the astronaut, and your inking is very good.
Good job and keep it up! :smile:


the ink is used with a graphix pen I have like 4 of them.

should I do another one?

If you want to. It’s up to you!


ok the I will do a funny one next

ok this is not funny but I messed up on this, if you even want it then here you go.
Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 11.46.24 AM


I just had a burger with my dad so I decided to draw this instead.
Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 11.56.55 AM

It says “please don’t eat me I am to fresh to die!”


Hey, let’s make sure not to take someone else’s art and claim it’s your own. I’ve done an image query and it seems like you stole it from this website(Website. Scroll down to “Astronaut”). It’s considered plagarism and may cause legal issues. Also this one for the first drawing(link). Please be more careful next time. I do not want you to be involved in any legal case. If you are going to share someone else’s art, please make sure to credit the author and not say that you drew it yourself.


Credit: I’m sorry, I forgot what websit this was, but I didn’t exactly copy it, I improvised it a little.

This was an image from Wechat.
This is a drawing of a mask.



I have no idea how to log in from my phone. I want to upload Drago now. I really don’t have time to colour so it’s colourless. I also want to upload a bunch of other drawings of characters I made like R.O.C.L., Blob, Blobbo, Roger, etc.


R.O.C.L. standing for Robot Octo Communication Link (Octo because communication only works in eight countries. 8 = Octo)

Wait, I’ll DM @Chaboi_3000 about my log in problem.

thats i a lie i can barely draw a stickperson

Just my opinion. In my class, I do not have anyone that cant draw well.

did you take it from this website (Website. Scroll down to “Astronaut”)
or did u just draw it yourself but used it as inspiration?

I’m on my phone now!!