Dueling Grounds needs a longer time limit

With the introduction of the new shields, it’s now much harder to kill a well equipped warrior. Tharin can get around 3500 HP. I’ve found that even with the best wand currently available, a mage cannot reduce this much HP in the 1:30 time limit on dueling grounds, even if he is attacking continuously for the entire duration. I think a 2:00+ duration on this map would solve the problem in the short term, without the need to re-balance weapons and armor.

or a no damage done with in X seconds ends the match (would allow for high hp opponents to be defeated and not run for ever if say both are running scared or kiting but never hitting)

Another solution would be that if time runs out you decide a winner based on either highest remaining HP (by percentage) or most damage done. Either way it would help mitigate the issue of not being able to overcome your opponents armor in time, when you would have won had time not been a factor.

Agreed. it needed a longer time limit before. now its ridiculous for casters to even try to defeat a warrior. Until casters get better dmg weapons. They got nothing this round

High end Wizard weapons have been drawn, imported, and configured, and they’re almost ready to go, but are waiting on actually being implemented: https://github.com/codecombat/codecombat/issues/2065

Until then, wizards won’t have high-end weapons (or spellbooks), so of course their damage is way too low compared to high end warrior armor. The solution isn’t to make Dueling Grounds last longer, but to finish coding up those spells so we can activate the sweet new wizard loot. Let me know if you want to help!

I would but the only spell i’ve worked on still doesn’t work right. =\ Gosh darn electrocute.

Actually since making this post I worked up a wizard strategy that smokes all warriors (and everyone else) on dueling grounds. It’s still a close thing time wise, but it can take down the high HP Tharins with a few seconds to spare.

On a related note, Fear could stand to be nerfed a bit.

I think the range on lightning twig needs the nerf more than fear. lol

Maybe so, either way they make a wicked combination. :smile: