Edits you think should be added to codecombat


post all the edits you think should be made in this topic


i think that for python the command (friend, “attack”, enemy) for commanding your friends to attack should work but it dose not.

why not???


What are you saying

What doesn’t work?


enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
if enemy:
hero.command(friend, “attack”, enemy)


that dose not work

id love if it did

for friend in hero.findFriends():
    enemy = friend.findNearestEnemy()
    if not friend.type == "peasant" and not friend.type == "equistrian" and not friend.type == "any kind of pet possible": # this line is not necessary 
        if enemy:
            hero.command(friend, "attack", enemy)


You mean if not friend.type == “peasant” AND not friend.type == “equistrian”, instead of or. cuz if u use or, then the if statement does nothing cuz the friend cannot be both equistrian and peasant


I think that there should be the 66 level limit off.


I believe that there are still several things in development at the moment, but that’s definitely something to hope for. (can’t wait to lay my hands on some nice new swords!)


No I mean the fact that it’s not possible to get to level 66.