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Endangered Burl!


Can’t get past this level. been trying for 2 hours!!!!!! Please help.


I somehow have the feeling that one or two hits on that “Enter”-key might have helped here. This preview on the right is there for a reason.

On the other hand, after I looked at the picture… It’s irrelevant.

But I have a wonderful post written just about this.

Don’t distract yourself with the upper half of the post, important is the list at the bottom.

Click the following spoiler to get the summary

I have no idea what your problem is, describe it! I can’t read minds.


i got a code that might just help u pass the level :slight_smile:

(Solution removed)
    Please don't post solutions.  Thanks.

i hoped it worked!!!


The point of the site is not to “pass levels” but to learn to code…
Just giving someone the code is probably not going to do it.

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Public Notice: Please test your code before posting it as a solution.


i did test it and it worked