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Error: Beginner Campaign - A Bolt In the Dark



I am trying to start A Bolt In the Dark and I keep getting an error. I am using Firefox v32 with Windows 8. I have tried logged out and back in with no luck. The only way to close the below error is to click (Skip) and then it will take you to the equipment loadout screen where you can then close the window.

Error loading from server (Your Session) Not Found. (Retry) (Skip)


I do have exactly the same trouble unfotrunately.

Windows 7 x32
Google Chrome


Please, fix it!!!
we’re eager to go further!!!

Windows7, Google Chrome


Apologies for the error, we are going to change the name of this level and the new name got out of sync with our prod template. I reverted the name for now and we’ll have the link and name changed in tandem in a day or two!