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Extracted Thangs from the backgrounds - If you like something vote for it!


The spread sheet was updated with content from other backgrounds. Please let me know if any of the other content from other backgrounds would be useful and I will start extracting more. If anyone wants one of the listed components as a Thang please post to this thread.

Background images came from:

@nick @Serg Here is the extracted Thangs in .png form from Cupboards of Kgard background. Let me know if they are good enough or if any modifications should be done to them? I created a “white mask” on top of the original images so edges can be refined etc.

I tried to capture them at a higher resolution so that they would scale ok.


Additional objects from the “Cupboards of Kgard”

Grain Sack:


Bowls / Pots:

Orb Statue:





Cutlery and Tools:


Rope / Chain




Holes and Boards:




Grate with Bars:

Slime / Water

Creating new Thangs - rules about reusing content?

A trial for lava floor tiles


Rock over Lava:

Is the level after Kelvintaph Glacier still in development?

Hello Harry,

I’ll be working with you to import these assets. Could you zip them up for me to make it easier for me to download them all quickly? You can send me a private message if you want to host them on Dropbox, or, if you don’t have a place to host them, let me know and I’ll arrange one for you to upload them to.



@maka great! If you could set one up for the time being. I just got an overload on commitments lately and wouldn’t be able to set one up.

Please also let me know if the file format is good for the game, transparency is set well, etc. I can update the graphics if they need to be.



Stone Floor walkway: (useful for above lava floor etc to make bridges)





Mine Tracks and Mine shafts