First Summoned Troop Doesn't Summon

I was playing cavern survival when i noticed something odd. When i would get enough summon the troop, it would take my gold but not summon the troop. To test it out, I tried to summon a soldier:

The soldier doesn’t actually show up, nor does a shadow/outline which happens when the sprite simply hasn’t loaded. It will just eat my gold and move on to the next in the list, which will summon correctly.

This has happened to me to, in this level. However, I think I have the answer.

I’ve noticed that occasionally, when the levels are slow in loading, things that appear, e.g projectiles, appear at (0,0) before traveling to the place they are launched from and getting shot. My hypothesis is that if you summon a unit too early, the unit forms at (0,0), but then the world loads, and the unit is trapped in place. I have evidence to back this up. See this:

Except for 2 problems…

  1. I checked, and no Paladin/Griffin-rider:
  2. And… well… It only happened when fighting you (that i’ve seen so far =P)

Okay, maybe I should be more specific. Currently, the bottom right corner of the screen, as far as my mouse would go, has coordinates (17,19). Also, I’ve looked at the position of the griffin rider, and it appears to be summoned at (10,10), off the screen. So, not exactly (0,0)

I have also run into this bug what I suggest doing is to wait by doing something before you summon your unit

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