Flex: World Record for Treasured in Ice

I secured the first place and third place on both accounts for the least time used in Treasured in Ice. This is some simple flex :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My other account does not have Pender, and it got a bad seed, so it took 5 second more.

Aand how did you solve it? :eyes:

Secrets :wink:
But a helpful hint, you can join distanceBetweenRooms with functions, check the distance to the chest and find the best path.

That’s what I did, but I have a slow hero LOL

@PeterPalov @moonwatcher348 I did the impossible, under 10 seconds finish, by Senick.

I got a really good seed, like the literal best seed I’ve EVER seen. The chest is just 3 doors under my yPos and 2 doors to the left of my xPos.

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Bruh -_- (20 chars GOD DANG IT)

I am 99% sure it’s impossible to complete that with a non-wizard hero with that time. You should have used something like haste,reset cooldown haste and speed ring and Pender or brew(“haste”) with Omarn (it has a small cooldown).
I don’t believe you.

In truth, I found out a pattern that most chest-seeds are generated down to my yPos instead of left. So I kind of hard-coded a jump function, and used it at the start.

def moveDown(times):
    pos = hero.pos
    xPos = pos.x
    yPos = pos.y
    if times == None:
        hero.moveXY(xPos, yPos - distanceBetweenRooms)
    for index in range(times):
        moveX = xPos
        moveY = yPos - distanceBetweenRooms
        hero.moveXY(moveX, moveY)

def jumpDown():
    if hero.isReady("jump"):
        hero.jumpTo(hero.pos.x, hero.pos.y - distanceBetweenRooms * 2)


You wouldn’t finish the level so fast with this code (even if it’s a part of code).

@Watamelon so I can see now in the latest leaderboard what you used for the world records:

Where’s the moveDown function?

I used it to detect seeds. Then changed all to moveXY for a faster time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, what about this?

Why did you say you used Senick if you used Omarn…

I used Senick at first, but I tested it out with Omarn and the Time-travel device and it turned out to be faster, but the total time isn’t change so I could got faster.