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Friend and Foe (Python){SOLVED}

Do it just like the above that you did for friend. Define it, then an if conditional statement, then tell the enemy what to do with a concatenated hero.say statement. What you’ve done so far is exactly what you need to do with enemy.

can you elaborate on that please!:sweat_smile:

Just follow the format that you see for friend. Do exactly the same thing but use enemy as the variable instead of friend and in the hero.say statement, do as the instructional comments say and tell the ogres/munchkins to go away instead of saying, “To battle”.

one more question, “Sorry!”
um what am I supposed to say to the enemies?

The specific phrase doesn’t matter. Just say something telling them to go away and concatenate it with the just like you did with the friends.

I tried but this is what showed.

You have to define enemy; enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy.

Um . . . .
(I know that I put two equal signs but thats what it said to do)

Use enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy before

if enemy: 
    hero.say("Go away, " + + "!")

It should look like this:

enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy
if enemy: 
    hero.say("Go away, " + + "!")

sorry, i tried it is not working

Please post your code so I can see what you did wrong!

just with parenthesis right after the word, findNearestEnemy don’t just copy and paste or something and try.

Post your code so we can see what is wrong.

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@Saanvi_Mysore already did.

it aint working

I’m not sure if this is a problem, but you seem to be using two different coding languages at the same time.

ok i got it

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are you telling me


I think @Tripp sent that on accident

Which language do you want to use? By the image you’re providing us, you’re simultaneously trying to use Python and Javascript, but the current language you are using in that level is Python. Press the :arrows_counterclockwise: Restart button and do the level in Python. If you want to switch to JavaScript, press Game Menu-> Change Language/Hero, then select Javascript or any other language.

Note: If you changed your language, be sure to press :arrows_counterclockwise: Restart after loading the level.