"Frozen Fortress" bugs and feedback

Thank you! Should be fixed now. Maybe need to use direct version or clear cache if you still see this error.

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Not sure it’s a bug or my misunderstanding.
I try to set the opponent enemies be raged until they are in a close range to the EnemyHero, for example when they reach x<15 in the figure. However, they are raged much earlier than expected. I also tried distanceTo(), but no help.

Hello, i assume you are using C++

I tested it and it seems that one line if statements will break and execute regardless if the condition is met or not if there is another statement to execute below the single line statement.

In this case, the i++ increment statement breaks the if statement and it will run regardless of the condition.
The solution is to add curly brackets for the one line if condition.

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Thanks Venneth’s suggestion. The i++ is intentionally run regardless of the condition.

I change the if condition to false, and the statement inside is still executed. Funny.

It turns out to be the problem with the while loop (again haha). After switching to for loop, it works smoothly.

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Someone reported that FF runs quite slow. Looking at the resource monitor tells me that CC occupied several GB RAM, which is quite large consumption for such a program. Is there a memory leak?

Hello, can you describe the prerequisites/ conditions that were in place when you saw that the used memory was going into GBs?
Are you perhaps re-running the simulation on the page repeatedly without refreshing the page?

During a match with @k_k_javascript, I am red, he/she is blue. A goblin appears at 54 sec that seemed to come from the door and drais 10 of my health. This does not appear for my opponent though. Is this a bug? :thinking:


maybe problem with inside code idk

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