Frozen Fortress tips, tricks, and chat

If you have any tips, tricks or something cool to show about frozen fortress, put it here. :smile:

Make all your towers farms, use hero.command("shock wave") and hero.command("summon", 100) to attack. ( 100 is an example number, you can summon more :slight_smile: )

Use this for easy upgrading & managing towers (I haven’t gotten to summoning yet, so ima just post this for now)

const allsquares = 'abcdefgh';
const tower = {
    a: {name: 'none', level: 0}, 
    b: {name: 'none', level: 0}, 
    c: {name: 'none', level: 0}, 
    d: {name: 'none', level: 0}, 
    e: {name: 'none', level: 0}, 
    f: {name: 'none', level: 0}, 
    g: {name: 'none', level: 0}, 
    h: {name: 'none', level: 0}
const build = (t, s) => {
    if (s.length > 1) {
        let letters = s.split('');
        for (let letter of letters) build(t, letter);
    }, s);
    tower[s].name = t;
    tower[s].level = tower[s].level + 1;
const towers = (start, end) => {
    start = (start + 0 === start + '0') ? allsquares.indexOf(start) : start;
    end = (end + 0 === end + '0') ? (allsquares.indexOf(end) + 2) : end;
    let returnVar = [];
    for (let i = start; i < end; i++) returnVar.push(tower[allsquares.charAt(i)]);
    return returnVar;
const squares = (start, end) => {
    start = (start + 0 === start + '0') ? allsquares.indexOf(start) : start;
    end = (end + 0 === end + '0') ? (allsquares.indexOf(end) + 2) : end;
    return allsquares.substring(start, end - start);
function upgrade (...args) {
    args = args.length > 1 ? args : args[0].split('');
    for (let s of args) build(tower[s].name, s);

information you need to use the code (because most of you probably don’t understand this code xD):

  1. the squares function has 2 ways it can be used: squares('a', 'd'), squares(0, 4) (both return 'abcd')

  2. the towers function also has 2 ways it can be used: towers('a', 'd'), towers(0, 4) (both, ofc, return the same thing: 4 objects with name and level in order)

  3. upgrade ALSO has 2 ways it can be used: upgrade('abcd'), upgrade('a', 'b', 'c', 'd')

  4. build ALSO has 2 ways it can be used (okay, pretty much all of them have 2 ways they can be used): build('farm', 'a'), build('farm', 'abcd') (they don’t do the same thing, but you probably already know what both do so ima just keeps my hands on my arms, thanks lol)

  5. the tower array is accessed using tower[squareLetter].name or tower[squareLetter].level

Also btw, don’t use with these functions because it can’t read tower level and it needs the normal build to do that

Lol I wrote a literal essay in the points earlier but decided it would be too long so I shortened it (still pretty long), PM me about any issues or questions pls (oh and also tell me if you use it pls because it makes me happy :>)

No it’s not cheating if you use it, it’s called “using functions that should be in-built” lol

Now that I look at it, it looks like an essay lol

can you make a python versian

Lol I completely forgot about Python, maybe later

ok i don’t need it i was just wondering since i do not use javascript exept when i was on khan acadamy

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"shockwave" is useful because it blows back and kills enemies.
Use : hero.ability("shockwave") to make a shockwave.

I have a question: Can I regain health that I lost in frozen fortress, and if so- how can I do it?

Rip #1 spot I needa update my code lol

You’re lucky bro i’m in like 190th place :rofl: