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Further Study of JavaScript

A few questions, since I am planning to continue with JavaScript.

(Still sticking with JS) what would folks recommend I move on to after completing the entire game? I am already familiar with W3Schools and FreeCodeCamp.

I also know about a couple of books and CodeinGames.

Of those options, and all the others, what would one recommend be the next resource to look at?

Further, is there a way to reset my account, so I can run back through it again? Since there are no numbers for the levels, I don’t know what the progression was/is (maybe numeric annotation could be added). But resetting is always nice.

Also, I have read in the forums that even a 1st grader can – and has – done this game (although it was Python I assume). But, on a high school level, what would the entire CodeCombat course be? 1 semester? 1 year?

Thanks for the feedback.

Hello @bobmcphe,
Regarding your question about resetting your account, you can do so by going to your account settings :gear: then going to reset your account. (Note: This is irreversible).

For questions regarding courses, you might want to consider asking @Gypsyfly, or email

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