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Game and Movie Theories


Nine danker. Ich habe mein eigenes Geld, vielen Dank. (Fun Fact! Did you know that all nouns in German even common nouns like table or chair have a capital letter? Ehhhh


Like that the solved on the topic?


It doesn’t let me put stuff in the solved category


Neither, but I’ve seen topics which are in the solved category but they’re mostly old. Straangge!?!!???


I really like my new regular powers


Yeah it is nice, sorry I accidently got rid of the topics name and now I can’t remember it. Whooops!


No problem. @Enderlord832 is coming to the rescue!


Hello my name dogonapogo
I am new here…


Hello! Welcome to discourse.


Ha, looooool (20 error messages saying: “post must be at least 20 characters long”)


Hello @dogonapogo I recall that you are in my clan. Is that right?


Is there anything I could do for you? Btw I like your profile picture it’s cute.


I got to @dogonapogo first @Deadpool198 :smile: :wink:


@dogonapogo we are all bots.


Whaaat. Well i am not :wink:


Yeah i’m just kidding.


Nice thats cool i like robots :stuck_out_tongue:


Guys could you help with my code on chase them?


A bot wouldn’t like Star wars


Curses, your shameless plugs, dearie me!