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Game Development Bug


I tried to pass to get a chest with gems, I placed two trees like it told me to, but my hero can’t pass through this point


I actually barely got on that side but level is still not complete.


The reason that it’s messing up is the Contact button that they’ve added to the bottom left of the map. It contains a footer

that takes up much more space than the actual link. Fortunately, you can still get by clicking at {x: 25, y, 11} and {x: 11, y: 11}.

Definitely a bug, though.


I got on that side but still It’s not level complete




I think you actually added three trees to your map, but one is overlapped with the other trees.
The two trees that are correct were added at approx. 34, 22 and 65, 22, but it seems you also added another one at about 26, 52


I added one on the 26,51


Ok, just remove game.spawnXY("forest", 51, 22); and try again.
Here’s a trick to get to the chest easier:
Change this line:

game.spawnHeroXY("duelist", 9, 59);


game.spawnHeroXY("duelist", 8, 8);


I already tried all of that and It’s still incomplete


actually no i got it


thx for your help :boy: