Giveaway that you may want to look at

i quit codecombat alltogether now. who wants a chance to win a lifetime premium account

  • me!
  • no thanks
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closing in 30 minutes. then i will spin a wheel to see who gets the account.


i dont care who enters. even watamelon, nalfar, crusader, anyone who has offended me, i dont care.

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heres proof of lifetime

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Give it to chicken master

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Or give it to me and then I’ll give it to chicken master

yea agreed pm him the password and name he got scammed out of lifetime so he deserves it

no thanks.

Or don’t

oh, he got scammed out of it?

didnt know that mb

He didn’t get scammed it was a glitch

Did he contact support?

Yes but they couldn’t help

spun wheel. winner is…

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congrats to @NalfarCryptor

congrats @NalfarCryptor

ggs @NalfarCryptor

thanks, ritic can have the account back at anytime

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