Gridmancer extremely laggy


I just wanted to express an issue I have had with the gridmancer level. As I write more code, the game gets extremely laggy, to the point that I have to wait 5 or so seconds after clicking on a key before the code shows up on screen. This makes it very difficult for me to focus and to make any minute adjustments to my code which, as a beginner, I do all the time.

This issue I think could easily be fixed if there was an option to “shut off” the animation temporarily. It seems that the computer is using the same amount of processing power and memory regardless if the spell is casting or not and whether the animation is running or ‘stop-time’. Simply having the option to remove the animation temporarily to focus on the code would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for letting me know about the Gridmancer performance problem. I’d love to narrow it down to some particular part of the code that’s being slow. I optimized many, many things couple weeks ago, but I could have easily introduced a performance problem that I’ll need to fix since then.

Is this something you see on other levels, or just Gridmancer? Which browser are you using? Is it still slow if you deselect Thoktar and just move your wizard around the map (i.e., when it’s not rendering the spell editor)?

Hmm… well after closing the game and opening it again, everything seems to run smoothly again, despite the code I made earlier still being there. It seems that it only got slow when I created a lot of code in one sitting, and it spell-casted lots of times.

I did not have this issue with other levels, or atleast not to the same magnitude. I am using newest version of Chrome. I am not certain if deselect Thoktar made it fast again, but I dont think it did.

Oh, interesting! I’ll look out for some sort of listener leak there or something like that.

I actually noticed something similar here, however I dismissed as my internet had died and I figured it was just an issue with being unable to load something properly. It only happened the first time though, that time when I chatted with you I went for several hours with >150 lines the whole time and no problems. So I’m afraid I can’t be much help unfortunately.

I did find one performance issue that would have been bad on Gridmancer and really bad on Break the Prison and Taunt the Guards, but I’m not sure whether it could be the one y’all are seeing. I’ll have to wait until we finish migrating our sound effects to the database to deploy the fix.