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[Guide] Level Editor (OLD)

Here’s a guide to use the level editor.

What is level editor?

Level editor is a place where you can create your levels. Educational, challenge and anything that makes a level. This guide will introduce you to the basics to some harder examples. Here’s the link to the editor:


Every levels has a base/background. Lets make a level and name it the dungeon apocalypse and click create.

You will see two options. One is generate a set terrain and the other is set your own base. So lets choose a base. Since our level is called the dungeon apocalypse, lets use the dungeon floor background. Simply click on it and click on the area you want it to be and soon enough a base is made!

Heros and ogres

Every level needs a hero right? So in order to set the place for the hero to be in, go down to units until you a dotted outlined figure called hero placeholder, then do the same thing like the background except do it only once. Boring a level with no goal and a hero? Thats boring. So lets add ogre brawlers or anything that will attack a player when spawn.

That is playable but we need a goal.

Goals, components and hints.

We need a goal to defeat the ogres. Lets start by going to settings and click on the plus sign in the goals section.(You might need to click on the arrow next to the goals sign first.) Click on the arrow next to goal 2. And click on the plus sign in the goal 2 section and it will have a whole list of goals in codecombat. Click on the goal you want and name and give the ID to your goal and you’re done!

Next go to specific articles, go to content and write the hint in and thats it!
At last components. Here you change the way thangs act. Go double click a brawler, go click attackable and change max health to 10000. It changes the brawler’s health to 10000.


Referee is this pool looking misc item that can change the game. Referee can make thangs talk, react and do a lot of stuff. Heres a simple referee code:

  Message : [
    "Good bye hero. It's your job to protect Kelvintaph Glacier",


  #setUpLevel: ->
  rad: (deg) ->
    return Math.PI * deg / 180
  setUpLevel: ->
    @guardian = @world.getThangByID("Devoured Kelvintaph Guardian")
  #onFirstFrame: ->
  #chooseAction: ->
  #checkVictory: ->
Last hint

You can do a lot in level editor. Most by your imagination. Even create fun, challenging or creative levels here. With a little practice, your level will look like this:

If you need help call @Chaboi_3000 And I will be more than happy to help with level editor

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Where can I go to level editor?

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Go to this link:


Thank a lot.:slightly_smiling_face:

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You are welcome. @Minh, it will be nice if you could give me some feedback on this topic.


Ok but this is my first time editing so I’m a noob. Cleaver idea to make that topic.

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Thanks now making a level for you to play to get the basic idea of level editing.


Thank. Also how do you restart?

In what ways? Restart your project?


20 characters…

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You can undo by clicking here:37


I tried that but it doesn’t work :sob:

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Try deleting the thang instead of undoing. WARNING: You cannot delete a background.


Damn I mess the back ground up soooo much :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded:

It’s all right @Minh you can learn from those mistakes. Try making a new level then.


Is there a way I can delete the level?

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I don’t think you can. :sob:




I know how it feels.


@Minh play this. I made this level for you: Level