Harrowland bug: 'Return to ladder'

Hello, I think that I may have found a bug. In the desert, Harrowland level, I cannot get past. I’ve submitted it, it says I’ve won, but ‘you’ve won’ popup comes up, it doesn’t give me any rewards. There’s only one button that says ‘return to ladder’. There is no ‘complete’ or ‘continue’. when I click it it takes me to the ladder, and when I go back to all the desert levels, it says it isn’t complete. Help!

That’s a PVP arena. As far as I recall, those do not provide rewards other than the fun in competing with fellow players.

@Olimooseman - There is no red flag on your profile (as a comparison to my profile)? I have having the same trouble with level ‘Ace of Coders’ in Glacier World. I complete the level successfully, submit it. The page does to ladder. And no red flag…

Yes, it is a PvP arena, but I have to get past it to get to the mountain. Since it’s not working, I can’t get past.

The PvP arenas are not requirements for accessing later levels. Try the others such as Clash of Clones. If you’ve passed them all, try repeating them.