Has anyone beaten "The Trials" on a free account?


You can now set the ignoresItemGold property on any of your levels to prevent the income and starting gold from the Boss Star from taking effect.


i could not kill the giant ogre because of the small minions and i cant use the longsword to cleave because it does not do enough damage to the giant ogre even with self.attack(enemy)

i have
-painted chestplate
-painted helmet
-steel striker


Don’t revive dead threads, please. Oh, well, now that’s it’s revived, let’s get to your problem.

Okay, is it help you need? This post isn’t very specific…


FWIW, you don’t have to complete “The Trials” in order to progress further in the campaign. If you are having trouble, I’d suggest progressing further into the Desert and Mountain, get more gems, buy better gear and then come back to The Trials—it will be much easier then.


The ring of speed can be a great help in the maps, along with the twilight glasses.
(Yes, I also beat this map with a free account.)


i have finally beaten it
just needed the obsidian shield to finish the level:smiley:
the code was correct it was the gear that was the problem


I have successfully beaten The Trials using a free account, which is at level 28 and my total life count is a bit under 2400.
Equipments (these make the game so easy):

  1. Worn Dragonplate Helmet
  2. Obsidian Breastplate
  3. Something that gives me x1.1 health
    These are for protection.
  4. Runesword
    This is a highly critical gear that my hero possesses. It can kill small ogres with one strike, larger ones with two, and the Oracle with no more than five.
  5. Crude Telephoto Glasses (to help me with moving from one trial to another without stopping too much)