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Health Potion bug in Level Editor


I am an educator making a “Test” for my class. They must survive the dungeon and kill everything and collect the gold to get an A. Unfortunately some do not have the gear to do this. So to help them I added in health potions. However the potions are not interacting with my hero to give him health back the only thing they do is make my hero say “I feel great!” but then he dies due to not increasing his health.

I have also tried putting in other units that they can run back to for heals… however whenever I add in a wizard or any caster type and give them the skill heal my game/level does not load and says it is running an infinite loop.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this I would be greatly appreciated and cant wait to publish it so my students and any other teachers can use it as a test.



Hey Kyler, sorry–just realized the health potions weren’t configured correctly. Try again now and they should work. (You may have to edit on instead to get the latest version of everything and bypass the cache.)

It’s a bit more complicated to put in healer units because you have to write some custom scripting for them to get them to work. We could do it, but I think the health potions will be an easier route.