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Help on Gridmancer Redux

Is it like this?

# Welcome to Gridmancer!
# A relic of days long past, the puzzle returns!
# Your task is to collect all the coins.
# You are given special methods to help with this task.
# this.addRect(x, y, w, h) places a rectangle to collect coins.
# this.removeRect(x, y) removes a previously added rectangle at the point.
# this.navGrid is (basically) a 2-dimensional array containing "Coin" or "Wall"
# You must collect all coins under rectangles
# Rectangles cannot collide with themselves or walls
# You need to make at most 55 rectangles to beat this level!
array_greed = hero.navGrid

def getRectngle(index1, index2):
    width = 0
    height = 0
    if array_greed[index1][index2] == 'Coin':
        indy = index2
        indx = index1
        for x in range(indx, lenght_xy):
            if array_greed[x][indy] == 'Coin':
                width = width + 1
        for y in range(indy, lenght_xy):
            width_tmp = 0
            for x in range(indx, lenght_xy):
                width_tmp = width_tmp + 1
                # hero.debug(x+'_'+y+'_'+array_greed[x][y])
                if array_greed[x][y] != 'Coin':
                    return_object = {'x': index1, 'y': index2, 'width': width, 'height': height}
                    return return_object
                elif (width_tmp >= width):
                    height = height + 1
        return_object = {'x': index1, 'y': index2, 'width': width, 'height': height}
        return return_object
        return None
        # return {x:,y:,w:,h:}

rect = []  # {x, y, w, h}
lenght_xy = 20
for x in range(lenght_xy):
    for y in range(lenght_xy):
        rectg = getRectngle(x, y)
        if rectg:
            # hero.say([rectg.x, rectg.y, rectg.width, rectg.height])
            for xi in range(rectg.x, rectg.x + rectg.width):
                for yi in range(rectg.y, rectg.y + rectg.height):
                    array_greed[xi][yi] = 'Got'
                    # hero.say(xi+'_'+yi+'_'+array_greed[xi][yi])
# hero.say(array_greed[0])
# hero.say([rect[0].x, rect[0].y, rect[0].width, rect[0].height])
index = 0
break_i = 56
for rec in rect:
    hero.addRect(rec.x, rec.y, rec.width, rec.height)
    if break_i == index:
        hero.say([rect[index].x, rect[index].y, rect[index].width, rect[index].height])
    index = index + 1
# hero.addRect(0, 0, 4, 3)
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What do you mean? What is with that code?

Is that the answer I tried playing the level by link?
But I also have problems!

No, I think it is not.

I will try it again(20 chars)

what is the link(to the game)

it only lets me play javascript

sorry(20 characters needed)

Can’t you press Change hero or language and select phyton?

no i am not on that level because I played by link not by level

Ok. Thanks for trying, @Jeremy_Yu! Anybody else?

But did it work did you try it?

Now I am doing that.

Did it work if it does i will delete it

i didnt did it?(20 chars)

It works. Please delete it. Thanks for help, but I want to learn the strategy myself with my own code.

did it work it failed right?

It worked the one you sent me

ok i deleted u delete yours